Is collinearity between the independent variables a concern

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Optimism and Longevity

A cancer specialist from the Los Angeles County General Hospital (LACGH) rated patient optimism in 20- to 40-year-old male patients with incurable cancer in 1970. In 1990, the researcher examined hospital records to gather the following data:

Socioeconomic status (1-7 rating of occupation; higher ratings indicate higher levels of SES)

Age in 1970

Optimism in 1970 (1-100 rating, higher scores indicate higher levels of optimism)

Longevity (years lived after the 1970 diagnosis)

Using the SPSS data file for Module 7 (located in Topic Materials), calculate a simultaneous multiple regression with SES, age, and optimism as the independent variables and longevity as the dependent variable.

1. Do the independent variables correlate statistically significantly and practically with the dependent variable?

2. Is collinearity between the independent variables a concern?

3. What is the R and adjusted R-square for all independent variables entered simultaneously?

4. What variable(s) provide a significant unique contribution(s)?

5. Compose a results section for this statistical analysis.

SPSS Access Instructions

SPSS (Statistical Program for the Social Sciences) is a computer program that is the de-facto standard used by research institutions and universities for the completion of quantitative analysis. As a doctoral learner, knowledge of quantitative research techniques and the application of these methods as provided in the application software is a required doctoral competency. Doctoral learners are required to use SPSS during several courses to complete specific assignments. Doctoral learners may execute SPSS Base Module and Advanced Statistics in one of two ways.

Reference no: EM13898853

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