Is climate change a real threat to the global economy

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In working out your responses to the Discussion Question, you should choose examples from your own experience or find appropriate cases on the Web that you can discuss. Credit will be given for references you make to relevant examples from real companies. Please make sure that you cite and reference all your outside sources properly, as per the Harvard Referencing System. 

Consider the potential future of the energy economy on a global scale. Describe the future path of the economics of oil, gas and energy as you see it, by addressing the following points: 

1. Is climate change a real threat to the global economy? If so, what can realistically be done? 
2. Is "peak oil" a real threat to the global economy? 
3. Can countries increase their "energy security"? If so, how? 
4. Will developing economies be winners or losers in the new global energy economy? 

Please submit your initial response through the Turnitin submission link 

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Reference no: EM13720373

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