Is advertising socially desirable of our economic system

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I want you to answer these qustion about 800 to 850 words

1- What do you see as the pros and cons of government safety regulation?

2. Is busines meeting its responsibilities to consumers with regard to the safety, quality, pricing, and labeling and packaging of its products? if not, how might it do better?

3- Is advertising a positive or socially desirable of our economic system?

Reference no: EM131260377

Make payments into your retirement account

You are graduating from college at the end of this semester and you have decided to invest $4,900 at the end of each year into a Roth IRA for the next 48 years. If you earn 6

Employee development and training

Explain how each of the design elements listed above encourages learning and transfer of training Add two additional design elements that you believe would make the training p

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The upper management of Chance, Inc. has decided to conduct an audit of the Tinker Seal project. The project audit will be of use to the management of Chance, Inc. and a burde

Surveillance by law enforcement

The detractors suggest if legalizes 'surveillance' by law enforcement, while the supporters simply refer to it as a means to ensure 'computer security'. Which do you think it

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The proposed filter (Type Y) has to be replaced every 5,000 miles (along with 5 quarts of oil) but does not require any additional oil between filter changes. If the oil cos

Assignment on social performance of organizations

According to the textbook, the current world economy is increasingly becoming integrated and interdependent; as a result, the relationship between business and society is be

Evaluate the organizations productivity

In the Middleboro Physician Care Services, Inc. case, you are asked to examine the operations of an ambulatory, non-emergent care clinic which treats private and occupation

Room-selection sequence of property management system

Intentional bias can be programmed (through computer algorithms) into the room-selection sequence of a property management system. Rooms will then appear in a prescribed order


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