Iq test before and after breakfast

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Thirty students are asked to take the same IQ test before and after breakfast. If we want to compare the means from the two tests in a two-tailed test, How many degrees of freedom are there?

Reference no: EM132191887

Hypothesis testing of battery life

A manufacturer of flashlight batteries took a sample of 13 batteries from a day's production and used them continuously until they failed to work.

Should she use z test or a t test in carrying out analysis

She does not know the true value of the population standard deviation, but is reasonably sure that the underlying population is approximately normally distributed. Should sh

Why continuity correction is necessary

Describe why the normal distribution can be used as an approximation to binomial distribution. What conditions should be met to use the normal distribution to approximate th

Is the random variable is discrete or continuous

Your Web page has five different links, and a user can click on one of the links or can leave the page. You record the length of time that a user spends on the Web page befo

Hypothesis testing for single mean

A sample of 100 observations has a mean of 2.99 and a standard deviation s equal to 0.5 Conduct the following test of hypotheses about the corresponding population mean at a l

Construct the rejection region for testing

A researcher selects a random sample of 30 units from a population having a median M. Construct the rejection region for testing the research hypothesis Ha: M > M0 using a

Probability that two have used phones to access internet

In a random sample of 10 cell phone users, what is the probability that exactly 2 have used their phones to access the Internet? More than 2?

Probability that nurse is female nurse with bachelor degree

bachelor's degrees; and of 75 male nurses, 34 had bachelor's degrees. If a nurse is selected at random, and the probability that the nurse is? A female nurse with a bachelor


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