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IPhone Clock Radio

There is something very dear and important to most people. Although it may not seem like something very significant, it truly is. Nowadays the clock, the phone and the music are pretty much means a lot to people. There is a device that combines services for all these. This is the IPhone clock radio; it is operates by battery and electricity. the configuration of this device is simple but has many functions.

On 2008, the IPhone Clock Radio was officially launched in Europe. Sony was the first company releases this device. Then, nowadays a lot of companies sale IPhone Clock Radio.

This device is modern device, manufacture for human need. IPhone clock radio very cools things to have at home, especially great to have one at bedroom. You always need to recharge your phone, sometimes there are moments when the music is needed and of course the clock with alarm is must have for every person who needs to wake up in a specific time.
IPhone clock radios are not all created equal. There are hundreds of different models, brands, and styles. However, there is a popular shape that most people have taken it. It is a box, shape composed of six different squares. The top and bottom sides have five inches, and the others have three inches. The product features for the IPhone clock radio are the clock, iPhone charger, dual alarm, stereo speakers and FM radio. On the front side, there are two alarm setters. In addition, there is a small screen that shows the date, and the time. On the backside, there is a USB port, power jack and a dimmer function to control the brightness of the screen. On the right and left sides are the stereo speakers. On the topside, there are twelve buttons, seven of them on the right, and four on the left. There is an iPhone port on the model of this side, and the volume on the right corner. The buttons on this device have many different functions, all of which are important to the electric clock.
This devise is easy to use. First of all, we are going to describe the most using side of this device, which is the topside. The first button on the right of the topside is for setting alarm A. the second bottom to set the clock, the third bottom to set alarm B. On the middle, there is a port for charge and connect the IPhone with this device. On the left of the same side, there are seven buttons. The power button is on the upper left corner, and under the power button are six buttons. Three of them for fast-forward rewind and play and pause. The other three buttons are numbers, which is “2”, “3” and “4”. These numbers for skip the song rewind and forward. For example, if we want to skip three songs forward, we just need to press the “3” buttons then the fast-forward buttons. After that, we will reach to the song that we want. Last thing on the bottom left corner is the volume.

The second using side is the front side. There are two buttons for the alarm A and B, both of them to turn the alarm on and off. On the backside, there are two buttons and two ports. The two buttons to control the upfront screen. One of them dimmer function and the other for change the color from yellow to blue. The two ports are one for an USB port and the other for power jack.

Reference no: EM13144466

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