Investigation of collapse of honeybee colonies

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Honeybee Collapse

In recent years, honeybee colonies have been experiencing "Colony Collapse Disorder" (CCD). Given the key role of honeybees in pollinating our agricultural crops, it has become a serious issue. Many causes for the collapse of honeybee colonies are currently being investigated. The potential causes include viruses, parasites, urban sprawl, pesticides, and BOS 4201, Toxicology 3 other environmental pollutants. Examine the phenomenon of CCD from a toxicological standpoint by researching three groups of chemicals that are being investigated as potential contributors to CCD: Antibiotics, miticides, and neonicotinoid pesticides.

The assigned Case Study for this course deals with the phenomena of "Colony Collapse Disorder" in honeybee populations, and should include the following components:

· A brief introduction of the phenomenon.

· Background information on the groups of chemicals pertinent to the Case Study.

· Analysis of the key potential causes of the phenomena

Reference no: EM13770537

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