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A researcher is investigating the relationship between the age of a man (x) and the age of his wife (y). For a sample of 11 couples the data in the table below was obtained:

a. Plot the scatter diagram of the above data.

b. The regression line, determined from the data, was: Estimated Wife Age = 25.1 + 0.424 × Mans Age Place this line on your scatter diagram.

c. Pearson's product moment correlation coefficient between Man's age and Wife's age was found to be 0.580. Determine the coefficient of determination and, given that the standard error of the regression was 6.12, comment on how well the regression line models the age of a man's wife.

d. One of the points on your scatter diagram is an influential point. Remove this point from your data set and determine the new regression line using Excel. Place this new line on your scatter diagram.

Reference no: EM131064180

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