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Based on your research into a company that you have chosen to analyse, outline, investigate and evaluate the current leadership strategy that the company is using to achieve its key strategic goals. You will need to research current theories and practices from literature as they relate to leadership. This research should be used to provide evidence that supports your evaluation and recommendations.

Firstly, pick one company only and get some research on its business strategy and leadership strategy. It is likely that this information will be got from companies annual report or internet sources.


an introduction to the content of the report.

• Outline what is meant by a ‘leadership strategy'.

o This requires a definition and a discussion of the definition. There is no one definition that is correct, so ensure that you include the acknowledgement of the source.

• Outline the core elements of a well-developed leadership strategy (e.g., talent acquisition, talent sustainability, leadership practices).

o Be clear on what a leadership strategy sets out to achieve i.e. the outcomes. This is likely to include key activities around delivering a pipeline of talent for succession planning, hiring key talent, training and developing talent etc

• Using the case study provided, review their business strategy for implications for leadership requirements.

o This requires a discussion of 'business strategy'. For those of you that have not yet done GB580, you will need to do a little research. The key point to make is that any leadership strategy needs to be anchored to where the business is planning to head in the future, since it is this that defines the skills required.

• Outline and describe a ‘leadership strategy' that would support the company to achieve its strategic goals over the coming 5 years.

o This part is to design and develop your own strategy that links to your discussion of the previous points.

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Reference no: EM13742294

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