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Project task description

Investigation of Network Protection in a Substation:

In this project, you will investigate a network diagram of a practical distribution sub-station and its different protection schemes. After detailed investigation, you will write a report based on your understanding of different protection schemes in various section of the substation network. You will also need to find out the standard relay settings of overcurrent relays used in the power network.

Your task here are to:

(a) Identify different protection schemes in the network (See the attached single line diagram of Berserker substation in Attachment-1). You will write a report based on your understanding of protection systems used in distribution substation. Your task is to list installed protection schemes (please see the attached file: Protection connection diagram in Attachment-2) and discuss which protections you are now familiar with and how they are working in this network from the incoming to the outgoing lines in the sub-station. In order to identify the protection schemes used in the network, please see the data table

(b) Make comment on the relay settings and coordination of overcurrent earth fault relays used in the radial portion of the distribution network (please see the attached file: Radial portion of the Berserker distribution network in Attachment-4). A separate single line diagram of a simple test network is provided (please see the attached file: Attachment-5) in order to help understanding what you will need to do.

Network description:

The given network is the single line diagram of a 66/11kV Berserker Sub-station in Rockhampton. The attached single line diagram of Berserker substation (Attachment-1) is the operating diagram of the sub-station that shows how it is working. Two 66kV line coming from two different sources, named 66 kV Glenmore and 66 kV Lakes Creek sub-transmission Feeder to the sub-station and finally it distributes the line to a total of sixteen 11kV distribution Feeder that goes to the end loads.

The attached file (Protection connection diagram- Attachment-2) shows the details of the protection schemes installed at different sections of the sub-station network. A list of all installed protection relay names and numbers are listed in the attached file - Protection function data-Attachment-3.

The attached file (Attachment-5) is a testbed of a typical radial distribution network which has two relays connected to the system to protect it from the faults. This file will help you to understand how the overcurrent earth fault protection relays are working in terms of relay settings and coordination in the network presented in the file- Radial portion of the Berserker distribution network-Attachment-4.

Guideline to prepare your Project Report:

Your report should contain the following points. Project marking details is available in "Project report marking Rubrics".

1. Cover page (indicate title, student name and ID, Unit name and Unit code. Include the following declaration at the bottom of cover page.

2. Introduction (indicate a general introduction of the project. It should be no more than 2-3 paragraphs)

3. Objective (write about the learning Objective of this project. This should be in few bullet points)

4. Background or Network description (Describe about a substation and design consideration of a substation. This should be no more than 2-3 paragraphs)

5. Redundancy in Network design (cover redundancy, it's use, advantage and how it is applied in the given network schematics. You can choose some bullet points in this section)

6. Protection Equipment (describe electrical protection in power network, list the protection schemes used in the given network schematics, briefly describe each protection systems used in the network. For each relay, please write 3-4 sentences)

7. Protection (Overcurrent) relay setting and coordination: (Follow the instructions and additional radial distribution network diagram. See the attached reference file)

8. Conclusion (indicate the benefit of redundancy and protection systems in the power network)

9. Reference (include relevant references with standard IEEE format)

10. Appendix (include supporting documents in the appendix part)

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