Inventory turns are calculated by annual cost of goods sold

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Inventory turns are calculated by annual cost of goods sold divided by avg inventory. An online book seller has an avg $10,000,000 in inventory and a turn of 3. Printing on demand can reduce inventory to $2,500,000 for the same sales volume. What is the new inventory turn?

Reference no: EM13841150

Variable cost of burger meal

The variable cost of a burger meal is 50 cents. The revenue of a burger meal is $2. With fixed costs is $200K per year. 5% of annual revenues is given to franchisor annually f

Build an analytical tree

Build an Analytical Tree. Flowcharting tools are available in both Microsoft PowerPoint and Word. For the flowchart, use the shapes and the line tools for the connectors. For

Professionals contribute to ethical or unethical-response

Consider a situation in which the CEO of a company is pressuring the PR department to take a course of action that they feel is unethical. Is the PR department accountable for

Describe the impact the unethical conduct

Find a recent news story in which there was unethical conduct on the part of an organization or group. For example, consider the Facebook IPO and the accusations of insider tr

Survey to determine brand preference involving two brands

A survey to determine brand preference involving two brands. X and Y use 5 samples of 51 persons each. If a majority fo the samples (3 or more) chooses one brand, that brand i

Calculate the x-bar and the r control charts

Ten samples of n = 8 have been taken from a manufacturing process. The average of the means is A cm. The average sample range for the 10 samples was B cm. Calculate the X-bar

Social business networking and e-commerce

Social Business Networking and E-Commerce. Select one of the social networking sites for business professionals listed in Insights and Additions box 3.2 in Chapter 3 of your t

Mhy inc. is a small firm that produces two chemical

MHY Inc. is a small firm that produces two chemical-based products: fuel 1 and fuel 2 using three raw materials. the three raw materials will be blended to make the tow produc


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