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1. An opaque urn contains three diamonds, four rubies, and two pearls. Construct a flowchart that describes the following events: Take a gem from the urn. If it is a diamond, lay it aside. If it is not a diamond, return it to the urn. Continue in this fashion until all the diamonds have been removed. After all the diamonds have been removed, repeat the same procedure until all the rubies have been removed. After all the rubies have been removed, continue in the same fashion until all the pearls have been removed.

2. Develop a high-level class diagram that shows the relationships among a manufacturer's inventory of finished products in its warehouses. The company has many warehouses that are managed by the inventory-control supervisor. Each warehouse contains many bins of products. Each bin contains one product type.

Reference no: EM131330344

Definje compression suppression and generalization

A key feature of hybrid IDPS systems is event correlation. After researching event correlation online, define the following terms as they are used in this process: compressi

Freedom of expression in cyberspace-information society

Write down a 3 pages summary about "Freedom of expression in Cyberspace & Information Society " after reading at least one article in each point of view.

Declare a deque container

Declare a deque container. Using keyboard to input several floating point numbers, say at least five floating point numbers; find the median number and display the result.

Indicate the version of the software

Describe your experience installing the Microsoft Office Suite software. Indicate the version of the software that you installed, and the name and version of the operating s

A /28 block of addresses

A /28 block of addresses is granted to a small organization. Assuming that one of the valid addresses in the network is, determine the first and the last address

The key advantages and disadvantages of placing

Compare and contrast the key advantages and disadvantages of placing the following system types on a DMZ: Directory services (i.e. Microsoft AD), Web server, FTP server,

A candle maker produces jar candles

1. A candle maker produces jar candles that have a label weight of 20.4 oz. Assume that the distribution of the weights of these candles is N (21.37,0.16). Let X denote the we

Compare the it field with at least one other field

In relation to the IT field, what benefits and problems do you foresee in using e-mail and text messaging as the main source of communication? Compare the IT field with at l


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