Inventory-decision analysis and multi-criteria decisions

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Pick any two topics covered in the course and apply real world examples and applications of these topics. You do not need to show the calculations as much as discuss how that models are used in the real world similar to the discussion forum assignments. List one pro and one con of each of the two topics you choose. Some sample topics that you can discuss but feel free to discuss others such as Linear Programming, Sensitivity Analysis, Simulation, Inventory, Decision Analysis, Multi-criteria Decisions, Forecasting & Time Series.

The paper as a guide should be about 5 pages give or take a page, typed, single or double spaced in 12 pt. font. IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

The importance to this paper analysis is the use of the decision analysis topics and how they are used in the real world beyond calculations and definitions so use your OWN words! Please note that this is NOT intended to be a term paper just more along the lines of a long essay.

Please a lots of words.

Reference no: EM131136717

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