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Question: The language define by the equality of two 2DIM-DFA machines on all inputs is un-decidable. The full definition of 2DIM-DFA can be found in Sipser's "Introduction to the Theory of Computation" (5.17)

I show a reduction to the decidability of a problem which is known to be un-decidable and hence prove the un-decidability of the original language.



Reference no: EM1379026

Construct an entity-­relationship model for the database

Construct an entity-­relationship (ER) model for the database. Make sure you include in your model details of entities, relationships, attributes, keys and cardinality for r

Formal programming languages and natural languages

As we know that there are problems of understanding natural languages as opposed to formal programming languages. As an illustration of the complexities involved in the case o

Explain how enterprise software works

Define an enterprise system and explain how enterprise software works. Select one type of Enterprise system and describe how it helps businesses achieve operational excellen

Developing a software system

Describe a development scenario where an Agile method would not be an appropriate method to use for developing a software system. Cite an example that addresses a specific p

Question about programming languages

Various contemporary languages permit two kinds of comments, one in which delimiters are used on both ends, and one in which delimiter marks only the starting of the comment,

Develop a design for a gui interface to support the ccrd

Develop a design for a GUI interface to support the CCRD use case used in Part B. Use a standard set of graphical ‘widgets' such as those supported in .NET or Java Swing.

The project software requirements specification

BN209 Software Engineering The purpose of this assignment is to produce and submit a consolidated FIRST VERSION of the SRS Document and MS Access Prototype for your chosen p

Aspects of innovation and emerging technology

Aspects of innovation and emerging technology Print Page What interests you most about the world of innovation and emerging technology - ideas of science fiction become reali


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