Interstate highway numbers

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Interstate highway numbers

Primary U.S. interstate highways are numbered 1-99. Odd numbers (like the 5 or 95) go north/south, and evens (like the 10 90) go east/west. Auxiliary highways are numbered 100-999, and service the primary highway indicated by the rightmost two-digits. Thus, the 405 services the 5, and the 290 services the 90.

Given a highway number, indicate whether it is a primary or auxiliary highway. If auxiliary, indicate what primary highway it serves. Also indicate if the (primary) highway runs north/south or east/west.

If the input is 90, the output is: The 90 is primary, going east/west.

Starting code:

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main() {

  int highwayNumber;

  cin >> highwayNumber;

  /* Start code here. */

  return 0;


Reference no: EM132184856

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