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I need to rework an interpretive thesis for the book A clockwork orange. I have so far:

Alex isn't at fault for his actions, it is society's fault for not recognizing individuals' needs over society's, causing his lack of morality; only through pain and suffering can he reform, but at the price of his individuality.

My teacher responded saying:

How/why does society's valuing its necessities (I've here changed the diction from "needs", but wonder if the diction could be even clearer) over those of the individuals within it (it might be worth asking: could society possibly value otherwise?) cause Alex's violent actions?

Can someone please help me figure out a strong thesis statement or help me reword what Im talking about to make it better so my professor finds it acceptable? My thesis needs to be arugable and proven through honest quotations. Its only a 750 work paper so I just need a good idea to get me started, i dont understand what my professors saying so helping fix thisnidea or a similar thesis statement along these lines, but it can be about anything within the text, this was all i could think of

If you have a better idea imopen to suggestions, i may ask a follow up question asking for specific quotes pretainng to whatever idea is thought up and post it for more chegg points if this is answered.

Reference no: EM13133771

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