Interpersonal conflict - managing strengths and weaknesses
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Interpersonal Conflict - Managing Strengths and Weaknesses

- Make a small list of what you perceive to be your strengths when managing conflict with others. What skills do you have?

- Make a list of what you perceive to be your weaknesses when managing conflict. What do you need to improve? What skills would you like to acquire?

- What do others think of your strengths and weaknesses when managing conflict?

- What are the similarities and differences in your lists and #3?

- Write a "Plan for Improvement." Set 3-5 goals to improve. The plan should be approximately one page in length.

- Write a brief summary regarding power imbalances.

- Write a brief summary of an instance when power was unequally distributed.

- Write a list of 10 to 15 ways to balance power in any situation.


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