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Do an Internet search on undergraduate research conferences or a similar term, find an interesting undergraduate research conference or event that you might like to attend, and post a short description of that conference or event.


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The “undergraduate research conferences” are like all other conferences whether academic or in corporate sectors. But the fact that all the presentations in an undergraduate research conference is delivered by undergraduate students makes it more special than others. The undergraduate students present their work they have done so far as a part of their studies in front of delegates and faculties of their discipline.

The undergraduate research conference which I found to be interesting as well as fruitful for me is the “29th Annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research” going to be held from April 16 to April 18, 2015. The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) is an interdisciplinary conference in which students from all around the U.S. and various other countries participate repressing their own colleges and universities.

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