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On July 1 of the current year, Melissa Co. acquired 25% of the outstanding shares of common stock of International Co. at a total cost of $700,000. The underlying equity (net assets) of the stock acquired by Melissa was only $600,000. Melissa was willing to pay more than book value for the International Co. stock for the following reasons:

(a) International owned depreciable plant assets (10-year remaining economic life) with a current fair value of $60,000 more than their carrying amount.

(b) International owned land with a current fair value of $300,000 more than its carrying amount.

(c) There are no other identifiable tangible or intangible assets with fair value in excess of book value. Accordingly, the remaining excess, if any, is to be allocated to goodwill. International Co. earned net income of $540,000 evenly over the current year ended December 31.On December 31, International declared and paid a cash dividend of $105,000 to common stockholders. Market value of Melissa's share of the stock at December 31 is $750,000. Both companies close their accounting records on December 31.


1. Compute the total amount of goodwill of International Co. based on the price paid by Melissa Co.

Reference no: EM13806760

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