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Workers are paid 20$ an hour in USA but only 10$ in Turkey and 5$ in India. We cannot compete with Turkish and Indian products in USA and international markets production is moving to Turkey and India, we are closing our business; our workers are losing their jobs. We need to protect jobs in the USA from cheap foreign labor. What are some possible problems with above statement?

Reference no: EM13988061

Small-medium enterprise assess and manage political risk

You are responsible for risk management in your firm. How would you go about forecasting the political risk for investment in emerging markets? How can a small-medium enterpri

Problems of external adaptation and internal integration

Please explain how culture can impact solutions to problems of external adaptation and internal integration. Please apply this notion to a real-world example of a company that

Duty to organic coffee or minority shareholders in situation

Nelson is organic Coffee Company’s majority shareholder. Nelson decides to sell his Organic Coffee stock. The sale will be an effective transfer of the company. Does Nelson ow

Negotiated new labor contract for the next round

Chester has negotiated a new labor contract for the next round that will affect the cost for their product Cozy. Labor costs will go from $2.81 to $3.41 per unit. Assume all p

Exemplifies the organizing function of management

In this discussion, do some research on the topic of logistics management or other aspect of management that exemplifies the organizing function of management. See if you ca

Implementing performance management systems

Analyse specific challenges faced by staff and managers in implementing performance management systems, and recommend ways in which HR leaders can help staff and managers over

What are the rewards of starting a business

It has been said entrepreneurs are often risk takers with a high tolerance for risk. Do you think this statement is true? What is your definition of an entrepreneur? What are

Difficult to collect marketing data and information

Do you think the Internet has made it easier or more difficult to collect marketing data and information? Why? How might the major data collection issues of today compare to t


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