International communication via social media

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write 3 page(double space) cover these points:
A. International communication via social media 
1. Examples and descriptions of social media
2. History of some of these forms of social media
3. How people are connected by these forms of social media
B. Video game entertainment as a means of connecting people from different countries and cultures.
1. Examples of video game communication
2. How video game communication connects people and why it is significant
C. International communication by news sources distributing information on world events (economics, politics, etc)
1. History and types of world news sources
2. Significance of world news sources, types of information shared, and reasons for this form of communication
D. Cross culture interactions promoting international communication
1. The definition of cross cultural interaction
2. Why and how people participate in cross culture interactions
3. Ways that people communicate and experience other cultures  

Reference no: EM13134484

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