International business basically of handicrafts in uttrakhan

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Write a Research paper on topic is " International Business basically of handicrafts in Uttrakhand" the guide can change the topic but it should revolve around it, 

i need to publish the paper internationally or may be nationally.

So the paper should be written accordingly

 try to understand the importance of the research paper, As iam a phd student so i need the research paper accordingly. 

please make the solution more comprehensive . and involve writing some data analysis like what is the growth pattern of handloom industry of uttrakhand for exmaple analysing post internationalisation and pre- internationalisation .  and please ask guide helping me in refining of topic.

Words Limit: 1200-1500

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We have completed order in 1000 words about the international business basically of handicrafts in Uttrakhand. we have explained the different arts and design and the foreign market and empowering the economy through the international business venture. we have discussed about the internationalization and the commercial activities and also and their productivity regarding the mitigation and we also explained the strategies adopted by the Uttrakhand government.

Reference no: EM131317289

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