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Part: International and Domestic Management

Question 1:

- What do you already know, or want to learn about international and domestic management?

- Compare and contrast the differences between international management and domestic management.

- Describe what would be three consequences if the U.S. government mandated that domestic autos be produced solely with components made in the United States.

Question 2: Welcome Class,

As we begin to look into international and domestic management, let's look at the phenomena of globalization, the drivers of globalization, and what factors businesses must consider when developing a global strategy. International commerce has changed over the past 30 years and, while there is greater homogeneity among the world's cultures than in the past, regional differences must still be attended to for a business to be successful. How has globalization affected you?  Discuss with your classmates (one full paragraph).  Research (one full paragraph) and add your source in proper APA format.

Reference no: EM131047101

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