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"Internal Selection Factors" Please respond to the following:

Choose three (3) internal selection factors that you believe would be most reliable for promoting employees within an organization. Next, describe two (2) reasons why an individual should consider these three (3) factors when promoting employees within an organization. Justify your response.


Based on the case study, determine what you believe are the three (3) primary weaknesses in BioGlass Inc’s promotion policy. Next, describe two (2) solutions to address the identified weaknesses. Then, provide one (1) method for preventing similar problems in the future. Support your rationale with specific examples of such start

Reference no: EM13758389

From the buyers perspective-how does internet affect cost

From the buyer’s perspective, how does the Internet affect costs?  Internet technology allows a company to price the same product differently for different customers. What do

Minimizes sum of operating costs-passengers time costs

An urban bus route has a patronage of 500 passengers/h and a cycle time of 2.5 h. It is operated with buses having a seating capacity of 50 passengers. Determine the capacity

Boundaries between private life and work life

Do you think the boundaries between private life and work life are blurred by communication technology such as social networking? What standards or principles do you want to u

Issues of privacy and security in new market space

Privacy and security are two key reasons consumers are leery of online shopping and buying. A recent Jupiter Research poll reported that 70 percent of online consumers are con

The function of the organizational culture

You will be required to visit a local organization in your area (Target, Starbucks, Wal-Mart, etc....) and you should not be a past or present employee of the organization. Th

Segment of the business market is most likely represented

Fresnas Inc., an oil refinery, buys crude oil and converts it into various products such as gasoline, kersosene, and diesel fuel. Fresnas Inc., then, sells these products to o

Accomplish a new or nonroutine task

Think about a time when you were required to accomplish a new or nonroutine task at work that had the potential to cause injury or illness. Discuss how a management of chang

Summary regarding opening new division office

J. Smith & Associates have requested your firm to submit a project summary regarding opening a new division office in Scottsdale, Arizona. This new office will serve as a regi


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