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What do you consider advantages and disadvantages of internal recruiting and external recruiting? Employees often have negative views on the policy of hiring outsiders rather than promoting from within. Of course employees believe they should always be given preference for promotion before outsiders are hired. Do you think this is in the best interest of the company? Explain your reasoning. How do you feel about establishing minimum entrance scores on national tests of acceptance to a college or university? Your response should be supported/justified through your analysis of the course material...not just your stated opinion.

At least 250 words, 1 APA in text citation with reference

Reference no: EM131204767

Graph along with the monopolist equilibrium

A monopolist faces the inverse demand for its output: p = 30-Q. The monopolist also has a constant marginal and average cost of $4/unit. (a) What is the monopolist's pro?t-m

Effect and substitution effect are equal

When the change in price is not small and you cannot use the Slutsky equation, what can you say about the income effects if the total effect and substitution effect are equa

Determination and application in a production facility

Describe project cost and the requirements for it's determination and application in a production facility. Analyze implications of changes in the parameters of project timing

Receive reimbursement for college

A receive reimbursement for your college visit costs B schedule a tour of the college campus C attend a college class to see what it's like D Both B & C E All of the above

Health care has a plethora of accrediting agencies

Health care has a plethora of accrediting agencies and programs. Some are mandated by the state in which they operate (State Licensure) and some are voluntary like Joint Commi

What you found most interesting about the research

Choose a restaurant, library, mall, dining hall, coffee shop, or similar public location. Plan to spend a minimum of two hours at the location. You will visit this location

Should john smythe sell the names

Should John Smythe sell the names? - Does the AMA Statement of Ethics address this issue? - Write a brief paragraph on what the AMA Statement of Ethics contains that relates t

Subject to many technological innovations

Your organization has two business units. One unit is a long established manufacturer of a product that competes on price as well as has not been subject to many technologic


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