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In your own words, please answer the following questions...

A. What if the Internal Consultant has intimate knowledge of the organization and has a different perspective on Operations than one particular line manager. Is it permissable to say 'no' in this case? why or why not?

B. Should there be an effort to ensure that there is a an equality of power between the internal consultant and client (Manager)? (I understand that this may not always be possible).

C. Suppose you were an Internal Consultant at your workplace assigned to do a PC in another department. How do you manage the inevitable tension that results from walking a tight-rope between your manager and your client?

Reference no: EM1338350

Managerial accounting and organizational controls

An Introduction section stating what your report is going to do and an Analysis section of the two types of costs and which you think is fixed and which is variable and why.

Establish cross docking facilities for highvolume deliveries

1.Modern Book Distribution, Inc. Case Study Evaluation . Richard Guy, CEO of Modern Book Distribution, Inc. (MBD) scanned the "Executive Summary" of the consulting report

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Read the "Overview" included on the first page and view the "Five-Year Trend Violent Crime Offense Figure" at the bottom of the page. Next, go to Table 4 on the right hand s

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Examine the data set in the worksheet Q2. This data set lists the 15 players on the 2015-2016roster of the Los Angeles Lakers. The variables include the name, position, an

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Discuss the various tradeoffs involved in using network computers (NCs) or grid computing as an organization standard. Describe how using your own computer at home or at work

Bureau of labor statistics to question consumers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics fields the Consumer Expenditure Survey to find out about consumer expenditures and income. (1) Why is it so important for the Bureau of Labor St

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Calculate the annual worth for all possible combinations of three R&D scenarios and two scenarios on public reaction (accept or not accept). Pharma-Excel's MARR is 15%.

Simple economy with two companies

Consider a simple economy with two companies: Fresh Juice, and Organic Oranges. OrganicOranges do not sell oranges directly to consumer; rather it supplies its entire harves


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