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Discuss how knowledge of accounting is vital to the success of a business. Some specific functions that you might want to include are internal auditing, external auditing, managerial accounting, taxation, knowledge of GAAP, and safeguarding assets.

Reference no: EM131284045

Consumer purchasing processes

Overview This discussion forum compares students' analysis of a university's purchasing processes (B2B transactions) with a consumer's purchasing processes. Explain the purcha

Determining the volume of sales dollars

As a prospective owner of a club known as the Red? Rose, you are interested in determining the volume of sales dollars necessary for the coming year to reach the? break-even p

What role do local chapters or business offices of regional

What Role do local chapters or business offices of regional, national , or international corporations play in the determination of meeting sites? It is from book called conven

Use earned value management techniques

Many project managers ask the question "Why do I have to do earned value management?". Kuehn (2007) states that the reason why is that it works... if it is done well. After re

Distinguish between serial activities-concurrent activites

Distinguish between serial activities and concurrent activities. Why do we seek to use concurrent activities when possible? Also, “The shortest total length of a project is de

Systematic thinking and the intuitive thinking

How would a manager use the systematic thinking and the intuitive thinking in problem solving? You are under a lot of pressure because the problem situation involves social lo

Objective of economic order quantity is to minimize total

Creat Porter's Five Forces Analysis for car rental insudtry. Explain in your own words the difference between the WBS and the Network Diagram. Also, please describe what is pr

Structure and size of a health care organization

In no more than 100 words, describe the structure and size of a health care organization that has a board of directors and a formal committee structure. This description would


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