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For every $100 in assets, a bank has $40 in interest-rate sensitive assets, and the other $60 in non-interest-rate sensitive assets. The same bank has $50 for every $100 in liabilities in interest-rate sensitive liabilities, the other $50 are in liabilities that are not interest-rate sensitive. If the interest rate on assets increases from 5 to 6 percent, and the interest rate on liabilities increases from 3 to 4 percent, analyze the impact on the bank’s profits per $100 of assets. Show your work.

Reference no: EM13796742

What is market price and what are the firms profits

Suppose that market demand for golf balls is described by Q=90−3P, where Q is measured in kilos of balls. There are two firms that supply the market. Firm 1 can produce a kilo

Expalin why would the product of health function eventually

Assume that health production is subject to diminishing returns and that each unit of health care employed entails a constant rate of iatrogenic (medically caused) disease.

Assume that nations marginal propensity to consume

Assume that a nation’s marginal propensity to consume is 0.9, and that its potential GDP exceeds its actual real GDP by $5000. By how much should that nations government chang

Average total costs of producing an individual income tax

Suppose that a firm’s long-run average total costs of producing an individual income tax return is $75 when it produces 1,000 returns and $75 when it produces 1,200 returns. F

Laying the groundwork for sociological research

In a post of between 150 and 250 words, respond to the following discussion: First, start with a very brief summary of the origins of sociology as a field of study discussed i

Calculate your opportunity costs of natural disaster

Think about what you would be doing if you weren’t in class. The alternatives are infinite and computing the cost of them all is impossible. However, since you could only be d

Scale effect change firms employment and capital stock

Consider a firm for which production depends on two normal inputs, labor and capital, that are not perfect complements. Initially the firm faces market prices of w = 10 and r

Find the probability that damaged bag is from supplier

A building contractor buys 70?% of his cement from supplier A and 30?% from supplier B. A total of 85?% of the bags from A arrive? undamaged, and a total of 95?% of the bags f


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