Intentional tort is also available in negligence action

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1. A nightclub failed to install the proper number fire escape ladders. A fire in the men's bathroom kills a man trapped in there. The failure to have the legally required number of fire escapes is legally the cause in fact of the legal injury suffered.

a. True

b. False

2. Negligence torts differ from intentional torts in that:

a. the government is the prosecutor in negligence torts

b. the victim does not receive compensation in a negligence tort case

c. in negligence the harmful results of a person's conduct are not intentional

d. intentional torts are also felonies

3. As a general rule, any defense to an intentional tort is also available in a negligence action.

a. True

b. False

4. While you are sound asleep, your roommate hits you in the head with a brick. This is most likely to be the tort of:

a. assault

b. battery

c. negligence

d. malicious prosecution

Reference no: EM131150513

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