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1. In the definition '"Metronome' means an instrument used to mark rhythm", the word "metronome" is the:

A. Definiens
B. Species
C. Difference
D. Connotation
E. Genus

2. The definition “‘Celebrity’ means a person who is widely known” is an example of:

a. An enumerative definition.
b. A demonstrative (ostensive) definition.
c. A synonymous definition.
d. A definition by genus and difference.
e. An operational definition.

3. The intension of a term consists of:

a. The objectives to be accomplished by using the term.
b. The class of definitions that a term may have.
c. The subjective feelings in the mind of the speaker or writer.
d. The qualities or attributes that the term connotes.
e. The members of the class that the term denotes.

4. The definition “‘Spoon’ means this and this and this” (as you point to a number of spoons) is an example of:

a. A demonstrative (ostensive) definition.
b. A definition by genus and difference.
c. An enumerative definition.
d. A definition by subclass.

An operational definition.

5. Which of the following groups of terms is in the order of decreasing intension?

a. Living thing, plant, flower, daisy.
b. Living thing, daisy, plant, flower.
c. Plant, flower, daisy, living thing.
d. Flower, plant, living thing, daisy.
e. Daisy, flower, plant, living thing

Reference no: EM13519639

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