Intelligence-gathering missions behind enemy lines

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It is 1940, and you are a selection specialist assigned to the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Your assignment is to work as a team with three to four other classmates to develop a selection system to "identify operatives who could successfully undertake hazardous intelligence-gathering missions behind enemy lines." In other words, you are to select spies who will work in Japan, Italy, or Germany.

Reference no: EM13816690

Explain the issues that may impact the ability of tarmac

Explain the issues that may impact the ability of Tarmac to build and manage a diverse workforce. Evaluate the business case for diversity: are the benefits of overcoming th

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Find three health care management positions. Create an original internal and external job posting for North Valley Medical Group. Based your posting on what we've covered in

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Describe what it might mean to hold oneself in "proper" self-regard and also to "get over oneself"? How is it possible to inhabit these seemingly contradictory roles? What a

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After reviewing the readings, and available presentations, lecture notes, articles, and/or web-engagements, identify and discuss essential elements and techniques for clarif

Importance of technology in business today

Given the importance of technology in business today, discuss ONE of the following issues providing examples wherever possible. Format your report so that each section will

Proper selection is a substitute for socialization

All that is required for successful labor-management relations is common sense, sound business judgment, and good listening skills. Proper selection is a substitute for socia

What are some of the diversity ramifications

The diverse employee selection and retention human resource (HR) functions in health care have legal and ethical ramifications. What are some of the diversity ramifications,

Discuss the methods of job evaluation your organization uses

Review the type of job analysis used by your organization, and determine if it is effective. Then, evaluate whether other types of analyses would work better for the type of


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