Intellectual property refers to right of intangible property

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Intellectual property refers to the rights of intangible property (IP) such as copyright, trademark, patents, and trade secrets. Explain the rights and responsibilities a company has in protecting its IP and the employees' responsibilities in protecting IP. Provide at least two (2) suggestions to enhance a company’s protection of intellectual property.

Reference no: EM13841389

Professional association to provide tax-accounting services

Award. Two brothers, both of whom are certi?ed public accountants (CPAs), form a professional association to provide tax-accounting services to the public. They also agree, in

Encouraging the development of cultural rituals

As a cell phone marketer, how might you boost sales and usage by influencing cultural rituals and encouraging the development of cultural rituals? Provide examples. Brainstorm

Compute upper and lower limits for mean and range charts

Checkout time at a supermarket is monitored using a mean and a range chart. Six samples of  n  = 20 observations have been obtained and the sample means and ranges computed:

Market for a new big screen flat-panel television

Keith Avondale is in the market for a new “big screen” flat-panel television. While reviewing the Sunday newspaper, he notices a full-page advertisement from “Transistor Town.

Visual shorthand techniques to data discovery techniques

Compare visual shorthand techniques to data discovery techniques use with new technology and enterprise systems. Which of these techniques would you rather rely on as a manage

Determine the hourly capacity of each process stage

Determine the hourly capacity of each process stage and the number of machines needed to meet an output rate of 20,000 units per hour. How does facility layout impact your n

Five force analysis of the game console industry

Complete a Porter’s Five Force Analysis of the game console industry (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are the big players in the industry). Look at each of the five forces: Threa

Strategic alliances and joint ventures

“Strategic alliances, joint ventures, and other cooperative agreements with foreign companies are a favorite and potentially fruitful means for entering a foreign market or st


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