Intellectual property law and international trade agreement

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Using the following research topic and Research proposal statement:

Submit the following components for the Research Proposal: (1) the Introduction, (2) the Problem Statement , (3) the Rationale for the Research, (4) Statement of the Research Objectives, (5) Hypothesis, (6) Definition of Terms, and (7) a Summary. The estimated length of this part of the assignment is four pages.


How Do Intellectual Property Law(IPL) and International Trade Agreements(ITA) Affect Global Health Specifically Access to Antiretroviral(ART) Therapy in developing countries?


Intellectual Property Law (IPL) and International Trade Agreement (ITA) directly affect the global health environment. Thus, the need of doing this study mainly in the area of access of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) is important because there are several clashes between World Trade Organizations (WTO) members and health care activists regarding the provision of ART. This problem is important enough to study because it has become a concerning issue for governments and pharmaceutical companies to have patents and strongest IP law for HIV related therapies, products and drug manufacturing techniques. These IP laws and ITA are important to manage the delivery of drugs in developing countries in an effective and lawful manner. Due to all these issues, this study is important and there is a need to execute strong provisions related to IP laws and ITA in different countries of the world.


1. Introduction: The student will need to introduce what the research proposal topic is about.

2. Problem Statement: You need to identify a very specific problem within the stated topic. Do not let that problem be too broad. It should be narrowed down to a specific problem that is researchable. Present that problem in a general thesis statement stating why the problem is important enough to study.. (Estimated length - one paragraph)

3. Rationale for the Research: You will need to explain what the study intends to accomplish. What rationale was used to determine the importance for this study? How does your study relate to larger issues? Make a persuasive statement to justify the reason for the study. Why is the study important? To whom is it important? What benefits will occur if this particular study is done?

4. Statement of the Research Objectives: Identify the objectives and the purpose for the study. Example: The purpose and the objectives for this study are to .... Identify/understand/determine....

5. Hypothesis: A hypothesis is really an educated guess. A hypothesis results when the questions are transformed into statements that express the relationships between the variables within the proposed study. It is sometimes referred to as an "if/then" statement.

6. Definition of Terms: Define a minimum of five terms used throughout the proposal so that readers can be sure to understand the meaning of the terminology used. An example of a definition is: "For the purpose of this research, improvement is operationally defined as post test score minus pretest score."

7. Summary: Include a restatement of the problem and a summary of the proposal.

Reference no: EM13252858

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