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After reviewing the reading material (link above), address the following, integrating biblical perspectives where appropriate: What lessons do we need to learn from the onset of phishing and key logging attacks on electronic banking, which mean that at any given time a small (but nonzero) portion of customer accounts will be under criminal control? Do we have to rework recovery (which in its classic form explores how to rebuild databases from backup tapes) into resilience, and if so how do we handle the tensions with the classic notions of atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability as the keys to convergence in distributed systems? What interactions can there be between resilience mechanisms and the various protection technologies? 400 words

Reference no: EM131290094

What new information did you learn

In 7 - 8 sentences respond to one of the topics detailed in the Research Paper Boot Camp Webinar. Some topics you may touch on: Did you find this lecture useful? Which parts?

Dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model

Modern macroeconomic models can be distinguished by their impulse, amplification, and propagation mechanisms. Within the context of the dynamic stochastic general equilibriu

Explain the relevant external issues in the industry

In your response, please (1) make a case that your firm has a competitive advantage, (2) explain the relevant external issues in the industry/context (external analysis)

Explain the principle value of two vision statements

Explain the principle value of two vision statements. Explain the principle value of two mission statements. Compare and contrast vision statements of each organization in ter

Attributes of performance quality

List 5 attributes of "performance quality" that a customer might use in judging WFM's produce. For each of these attributes, identify 2 "conformance quality" attributes tha

Difference between conflict and competition

Conflict resolution is a necessary skill for any manager or leader. In this assignment, you will examine the difference between conflict and competition. You will also explo

Analyze and assess communication dynamics of an organization

Recognize and respond constructively to cultural differences in communication. Analyze and assess the communication dynamics of an organization through the completion of a com

Components of the national preparedness system

Summarize the system components of the National Preparedness System (one paragraph per component should suffice)


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