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Mcdonald's has recently launched McCafe throughout Canada. To support the launch the company is using a multi media campaign - TV, radio, outdoor, web, digital, social media, and promotion.

  • In your view, is this good example of an IMC (integrated marketing campaign).Why?
  • How is McCafe positioned - write a positioning statement for McCafe
  • What is the Creative Strategy/Copy Platform? Is this evident in all the communication elements? Is it evident in store? 
  • In your view what is the big idea of the campaign? Does it work well in all the IMC elements

What's Required

Answer the questions above with suitable headings/sections. The analysis should be limited to 500 - 600 words - 3 pages max, not including a cover page. If you use visuals to support your narrative, please reference and attach as a separate appendix. 


The assignment in marketing is about Integrated marketing campaign for McDonald's McCafe. McCafe has been launched in Canada. This is a case study which involves the use of digital marketing and social media marketing apart from regular marketing such as TV and radio. All these more are discussed in detail in the solution.

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