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Each promotional tool (advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, direct marketing) has its own strengths and weaknesses. If you are opening a new restaurant in RGV (or the home town you live in), how would you decide about your promotional mix (how much advertising, PR, etc.)? Discuss your answer considering the strengths and weaknesses of each tool.

Why is it so important to integrate marketing communications? Discuss with examples.

Reference no: EM132280890

Production of personal computers-miniaturization

Some types of technological change (e.g., mass production of personal computers or miniaturization of components) reduce the cost of capital. Use the concept of cross-wage e

What is the return shareholders are expecting

Expected Return Circuit City Stores (CC) recently paid a $.28 dividend. The dividend is expected to grow at a 24.20 percent rate. At the current stock price of $9.16, what i

Payoff from innovation in a city with population

Consider a region where the self-suffi cient wage is constant at $4. Suppose the payoff from innovation in a city with population n (measured in thousands) is ( n ) 2 n 12 (

Micro-economic feedback

Your state plans to adopt a tuition tax credit for college students. How would you estimate the revenue impact of this provision? How would the decisions to use static, micr

Research one of the four companies

Research one of the four companies and see how or if that company has since changed (yet more) since the time of the book's publication. How did that recent change fit with

List all the different types of bribes-payments

For those practices that you say are illegal, classify each as lubrication, extortion or subornation and tell explain why. Which of the payments, favours or bribes are illegal

Mcq on principle of management

Within an organization, the control process normally progresses through four steps. Discuss these steps as they would apply to an important management situation of your choo

Sources and contingencies of power

Use your knowledge of the sources and contingencies of power to explain why the MLB baseball players' association had more power in negotiations by walking out in September


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