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A 6.00 in radius cylindrical rod is 2 ft long. Use a differential to approximate how much nickel (in in^3) is needed to coat the entire rod with the thickness of .12 in.

keywords: integrals, integration, integrate, integrated, integrating, double, triple, multiple

Reference no: EM13129510

Difference between prime numbers and composite numbers

What is the difference between prime numbers and composite numbers? How are prime numbers and composite numbers related? Prime numbers are often used in cryptography.

How far down does the top of the ladder

25-ft ladder stands vertically against a wall. The lower end is pulled a distance of 7 feet away from the wall. How far down does the top of the ladder move if it is now 14f

Approximate the thickness of the film

A drop of oil measuring 0.20 cubic centimeter is spilled onto a lake. The oil spreads out into a circular shape having a diameter of 23 cm. Approximate the thickness of the

Sample space for an experiment

Let S = {A, B, C} be the Sample Space for an experiment, and let E = {A, B}. It is known that outcome A is twice as likely to occur as outcome B. Find Pr[E | A] andPr[A | E]

What is the cost to contractors based on cost

Front range cabinet distributors in colorado springs, colorado, sells to its contractors with a 42% markup on cost. if the selling price for cabinets is $9,655, what is the

Tossing two coins and observing the results

Define an experiment as tossing two coins and observing the results. Let Y equal the number of heads obtained. Identify the sample points in S, assign a value of Y to each s

Question regarding the confidence interval for the time

A random sample of 42 salespersons were asked how long on average they were able to talk to a potential customer. Their answers revealed a mean of 8.100000000 with a varianc

Describe the predictor variable and levels

Identify a research question from your professional life or research interests that could be addressed by a one-way ANOVA. Indicate why a one-way ANOVA would be an appropria


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