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Identify one of your favorite brands. Tell us why you like this brand and what you tend to buy from it. Do you purchase items from this brand online? In stores? Both? Next, identify two major marketing channels that the brand uses to help promote and sell its products. An example would be its website, social media channels, TV ads, YouTube, etc. Provide ample details of how it uses the channels you chose to explore.

For example: Nike uses its Instagram account to heavily promote new products, sales, performance videos, etc. An example of an ad, video, or post would be an excellent addition to your post. Nike also uses various types of YouTube videos. You are to either contribute to the discussion of the brand that they chose or you are to compare your brands and their marketing efforts.

You are not permitted to use Nike or Apple. Please explore other brands that you admire. Late submission will not be accepted.

Reference no: EM131389279

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