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Stellar Packaging Products' controller, Robin Simmons, recently completed the direct materials and direct labor variance analyses for the current period. The direct materials price variance for plastic was unfavorable; the direct materials efficiency variance for plastic was favorable. In addition, the direct labor price variance was unfavorable; the direct labor efficiency variance was favorable.

Often variances occur simultaneously and provide insight regarding the performance for the period. Indicate one reason for each of two of these variances and ensure your explanation is interrelated, meaning the two events giving rise to the variance occurred simultaneously in a cause and effect manner.

Write a 3 to 4 sentence paragraph.

Reference no: EM13818908

Calcualte the value for this investment

Emerson electric common stock selling for $36.75 recently paid a $1.32 dividend and the firms earning per share has increased from $1.49 to $3.06 in the past five years. The

Standards of health care

Do you expect this marginal cost to be lower, or higher, than the average cost of looking after each of the current 100,000 current resident? Why? How low must the marginal

Considering depreciation recapture

Straight-line depreciation for the same holding period would have been $300,000. What is the maximum unrecaptured § 1250 gain from this disposition after considering depreci

Determine the variable cost component per machine hour

Utilities are typically a ‘mixed cost,' containing both a fixed and variable element. Given the following history of electric bills and machine hours, use the "High/Low Meth

Financial statement fraud

Discuss whether or not the Sarbanes-Oxley Act has decreased financial statement fraud and eliminated corruption on Wall Street. Support the answer.

Ruby corporation''s stock dividend

Using the same facts as in RE17-9, assume instead that Ruby declares and issues a 50% stock dividend when the stock is selling for $30 per share. Prepare the journal entry on

Government reporting agencies

Why is it difficult to develop accounting reporting categories that are uniform for governments within the same type of entity (e.g. cities) and even more difficult to devel

Fixed production overhead absorption rate

ABC absorbs fixed production overheads in one of its departments on the basis of machine hours. There were 100,000 budgeted machine hours for the forthcoming period. The fix


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