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Insert semicolons, colons, and necessary commas in the following sentences. Write C if no commas are needed.

1. Our branch in Sherman Oaks specializes in industrial real estate our branch in Canoga Park concentrates on residential real estate.

2. If I can assist the new manager please call me however I will be gone from June 10 through June 15.

3. We would hope of course to send personal letters to all prospective buyers however we have not yet decided just how to do this.

4. Since the first of the year we have received inquiries from one attorney two accountants and one information systems analyst.

5. Several staff members are near the top of their salary ranges and we must reclassify their jobs.

6. Several staff members are near the top of their salary ranges therefore we must reclassify their jobs.

7. Monthly reports from the following departments are missing Legal Department Human Resources Department and Engineering Department.

8. Since you became director of that division sales have tripled therefore I am recommending you for a bonus.

9. Several large companies allow employees access to their personnel files namely General Electric Eastman Enterprises and Infodata.

10. Sherry first asked about the salary and she next inquired about benefits.

Reference no: EM13962178

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