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What influence (if any) can organizations exercise to encourage ‘innovation-friendly' regulations?

• Several major corporations have recently launched major ‘green' initiatives. What do you make of GE's Ecomagination initiative?

• What do you make of BP's new 'green' logo and Environment & Society initiative?

Are these GE and BP initiatives strategic or (merely) PR exercises? Comment in light of the Deepwater Horizon oil leak (2010).

Cognitive biases in decision-making: share examples of biases that have distorted decisions in your place of employment. What can middle managers do to moderate the distortions introduced by such biases? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Cognitive_Biases

What are the strengths and weaknesses of the mission statement examples in this linked file? mission_statements.pdf

Which of these statements are effective guides to decision-making within an organization? Which, if any, of these mission statement examples risk becoming nothing more than "motivational tools"?

What features of Johnson & Johnson's "Our Credo" made it so effective in guiding J&J's response to the Tylenol tampering crisis? Where was J&J's "Our Credo" in the run-up to the Tylenol recall of 2010?

Effective mission statements must meet three criteria:

1. They must express aspirations (goals/ideals).

2. They must provide practical guidance for strategic decisions and choices that face the organization.

3. They must express objectives that can be tested -- there has to be some way to determine whether or not an organization is meeting its goals.

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