Injuries to the chest-abdomen and pelvis-poisoning

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Injuries to the Chest, Abdomen and Pelvis

1. What general care do you give for injury to the chest, abdomen or pelvis?

2. What care would you give for a rib fracture?

3. How would you care for an injury to the abdomen or pelvis when organs are exposed?

4. How can you tell if someone has a sucking chest wound? What care would you give to this person?

Sudden Illness

1 of the sudden illnesses you may encounter.

2. What are signs and symptoms of a stroke? List the mnemonic for evaluating if a person has had a stroke.

3. Tell the care you would give to a person in a diabetic coma or insulin shock?

4. How do you care for a person experiencing a seizure? What care do you give after the seizure is over?

5. Describe the signs and symptoms of anaphylaxis, common causes and the care you would give.


1. Name the 4 ways a person might be poisoned. List some things you may look for that would indicate a poisoning.

2. What do you do for a person who has ingested a poison?

3. One commonly inhaled poison is carbon monoxide. What makes it so deadly and how can you prevent against it in your home?

Reference no: EM13264399

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