Initial stage of the organizational life cycle

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1. The descriptive research shows that effective managers are likely to:

   a. carefully study each possible option before acting

   b. experiment with innovative ideas and approaches

   c. get authorization before taking action in order to protect themselves

   d. get complete agreement from concerned parties before taking action

2. What is the primary management function in the initial stage of the organizational life cycle?

   a. coordinating work activities

   b. obtaining resources

   c. increasing member motivation

   d. improving efficiency

3. Which was not mentioned as one of the four general processes in managerial work?

   a. making decisions

   b. satisfying customers

   c. developing relationships

   d. influencing people

4. Planning in organizations is usually:

   a. formal and detailed

   b. formal and flexible

   c. informal and detailed

   d. informal and flexible

5. Which of the following was not found to be characteristic of managers in most descriptive studies?

   a. they spend much of their time engaged in oral communication

   b. they spend considerable time engaged in reflective activities such as planning

   c. they spend considerable time engaged in lateral communication with peers

   d. they are engaged in a large variety of brief activities during a typical workday

Reference no: EM13992328

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