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I need to deliver an informative speech. I plan to tell an inspiring true story of Roger Bannister. Can I give this speech as an informative speech? The topic is four-minute-mile. IS THIS OKAY? you may comment more.

Reference no: EM13152393

Explain climate patterns and climate differences

Provide details of each region ( air, temperature, precipitation level ect ) and the specific differences within regions of the state and why we see these climate differences.

Annotated bibliography is excellent preparation

Writing an annotated bibliography is excellent preparation for a research project. You begin to read more critically instead of just collecting information.

Confessions-love suicides and souls of black folk

This assignment is to select any five writers or major characters from this list Gilgamesh, Augustine (Confessions), Chikamatsu (Love Suicides), De Beauvoir (Second Sex), Freu

Gatsby thesis and outline

Gatsby’s downfall is a result of his overly ambitious trait, which in turns lures him in the ever ongoing struggle to capture the green light known as the American dream. Firs

Summarize some writing effectively

How do you summarize some writing effectively ? what are the words/phrases I can use in the beginning of a sentence of a summary?

Fact and opinion

Fact Opinion 1 (Points: 10) Which sentence is a statement of opinion? 1. Only 80,000 tons of freight reached New Orleans from the interior in 1816 and 1817.

American citizen and resident

Build a case whether an American citizen/resident should be obliged to provide military service to his/her country. Determine Whether American Citizen/resident should be oblig

Solar energy

I need your help on finding some information about the application of solar energy that we can see it in our daily life and how this application apply solar energy using .. ?!


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