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I need to deliver an informative speech. I plan to tell an inspiring true story of Roger Bannister. Can I give this speech as an informative speech? The topic is four-minute-mile. IS THIS OKAY? you may comment more.

Reference no: EM13152393

How theology and philosophy are different

Choose a person from your own life to address in a letterWrite that person a 700- to 1400-word persuasive letter explaining how theology and philosophy are different-Use arg

Find the right -tail p-value

Faced with rising fax cost, a frim issured a guideline thattransmissions of 10 pages or more should be sent by 2-day mailinstead. Exceptions are allowed, but they want the ave

Explain and describe the visual image in your own words

Explain and describe the visual image in your own words. Does the visual image make an argument? Would the visual image persuade a reasonable person or does the image employ

Reserve of units available for sale

Daze is a product of the Digby company. Digby's sales forecast for Daze is 2012 units. Digby wants to have an extra 10% of units on hand above and beyond their forecast in cas

Write an introductory statement of the company

Write an introductory statement of the company including but not limited to the type of the company, the location, the industry in which it competes, and the organizational

Moral components regarding health care

Compare the moral components regarding health care and explain what is meant in health care policy when someone uses the phrase "America's unique legislative process".

Why would your research question be important to study

Why would your research question be important to study? What lessons did you learn from studies such as Kinsey's and Master's & Johnson's that will help you design your own st

Analyze risks related with different jobs

In the company you are analyzing there are certainly risks related with different jobs. Explain the most dangerous job at the company?


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