Information technology in a supply chain

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The topic is about Information Technology in a Supply chain , specificly write about Warehousing Managment System (WMS) and Transportation Managemnet System (TMS) in a supply chain.

Reference no: EM13725808

Discuss about the post given below

Think of an organizational change that you experienced. Describe how you were impacted by the change. What could the leadership have done to make the transition more succe

What is the profit that the studio expects to make

Topgun Records and several movie studios have decided to sign a revenue-sharing contract for CDs. Each CD costs the studio $1.5 to produce. The CD will be sold to Topgun for $

The vigilance project

The Vigilance Project What are some things you like about the approach? What don't you like about the approach? What are your thoughts about the email that was distributed thr

Contents and sequence of risk management plan

The content that is required in a risk management plan is covered in the course. See the PMBOK guide for ideas on how to present your plan. Communicating metrics: When effec

Analyze the historical context of public policy

Analyze the historical context, basic concepts, strategies, and / or models of public policy. Recommend policy alternatives to deal with a specific problem. Examine the nature

World smaller and enlarged our access to information

The Internet has made the world smaller and enlarged our access to information. However, for every positive benefit of the Internet, there is a negative aspect. We have a loss

Redefining competition in health care

Value Based Competition - Please read “Redefining Competition in Health Care,” by Michael Porter (Porter 2) The Harvard Business Review, June 2004 and “A Strategy for Health C

Name at least two other worker protection laws

Name at least two other worker protection laws. What is unemployment compensation? What is social Security? What is the National Labor Relations Board and what does it regulat


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