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Submit an Information Security Profile for your organization. This project requires you to summarize the required controls and describe the security posture of your organization based on its selected Information security standard. Your submission should not exceed 3 to 4 pages. Your instructor will provide detailed instructions for completing and submitting this assignment.

Project #1: Sample Cyber Security Profile (System Security Plan)


a. The writer introduces the topic and its relevance to (1) the discipline; and (2) the chosen audience. The introduction lays groundwork for the direction of the assignment.

b. Thesis or objective is clearly stated and appropriately focused.

c. Main idea stands along with details.

d. The title is appropriate and adequately describes the topic.

Management, Technical, and Operational Controls-

a. The paper includes an accurate description of all three controls.

b. The paper includes six (6) family controls and they are accurately described.

c. Ideas are clear, original, and focused. Main idea stands along with details.

d. Sufficient information included. Information clearly relates to the main relates to the main thesis. It includes several supporting details and/or examples.

e. Sentences and paragraphs clearly and effectively relate to and support the thesis.

f. Writer provides examples and quotes that answer the reader's questions and add depth to the writer's ideas.


a. The writer makes succinct and precise conclusions based on the review of literature.

b. Insights into the problem/topic are appropriate.

c. Conclusions are strongly supported within the assignment.

Research and Analysis-

a. The writer covers the appropriate content in depth without being redundant.

b. The writer cites sources when specific statements are made.

c. The significance of quotes, when used, is apparent.

d. The length is appropriate.

e. Ideas are clear, original, and focused. Main idea stands out, along with details.

f. Ideas in the assignment are compelling, even original; they are not self-evident.

Clarity and Correctness of the Writing-

a. The writing is clear and concise.

b. There are less than 10 mistakes in grammar, spelling, and/or punctuation.

c. The writing does not ramble; the assignment is carefully written and edited. Sources,

Citations, and Proper APA Formatting-

a. The writer includes at least three (3) citations in the body of the review.

b. The references in the list match the in-text citations and all are properly cited in APA style.

c. Numerous sources are cited. All sources are accurately documented.

d. Accurately adheres to APA style in formatting, organization, and construction, including full review of relevant literature.

e. There is consistent use of people-first, non-discriminatory language.

f. The majority of sources are scholarly and cited correctly in both text and reference list.

g. Personal opinions are delayed and stated succinctly in the conclusion.

Reference no: EM13761823

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