Information received over social media in time of disaster

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How reliable and effective is the information received over social media in time of disaster, and what are its impacts on situational awareness?

Reference no: EM132183681

Determine average fixed cost-average variable cost

Each day you must pay the theater management $50, so this is your fixed cost. If you are able to sell 100 boxes of popcorn each day, the variable cost per box is $0.15. Use

Shape laws regulating businesses

In general, do you think that corporations should try to help shape laws regulating businesses (e.g., wage and labor, tax, and employment anti-discrimination laws), and why

Summarizing the concepts in the two articles

Find at least 2 articles related to the topic (Supply Chain Management) discussed through the module. Submit an essay as an attached word document summarizing the concepts i

Conduct subordinate performance appraisals

Discuss why managers should conduct subordinate performance appraisals? Explain how a manager can set effective performance appraisal standards for employees. How should a m

How many pounds should she order each day

Cynthia believes that demand follows the normal distribution, with a mean of 100 pounds and a standard deviation of 15 pounds. How many pounds should she order each day?

Supporting data to improve one decision making abilities

i. Why is past experience so important to managers today, and how applicable is it in decision making? ii. Develop three approaches to eliminate bias and stick to supporting d

What you can do to stay current on osha standards

Find an article of your choice that discusses what you can do to stay current on OSHA standards or the Green movement. How will this help you to progress professionally? Write

Five forces presented by porter

Read up on the Five Forces presented by Porter to respond to the following: What limitation(s) did you find with this strategic management tool? Explain your perspective


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