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I. Mac-in-the-Box sells computer equipment by mail and telephone order. Mac sells 2,400 flat-bed scanners per year. Ordering cost is $300 and the annual holding cost is 25 percent of the item's price. There are 300 working days in the year and the lead time is 3 days. The scanner manufacturer offers the following price structure to Mac-in-the Box:

Order Quantity Price per Unit
I to 199 $520.00
200 to 499 $515.00
500 or more $512.00

• Given the above information and basing your decision on the economics, what order  quantity do you recommend that Mac order from the scanner manufacturer? Why?

• What is the low cost for each of the three Price per Unit options?

• For the optimal order quantity, what is the inventory position immediately after an order is placed?

Reference no: EM131079625

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