Influential effect on development of twentieth century art

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Write a 1500-2000 word, double-spaced analytical essay for the following essay question:

Write an analytical essay that identifies, examines, and evaluates three distinct approaches that artists have embraced to respond to the significant changes of the twentieth century. Which approaches would you argue have had the most influential effect on the development of twentieth century art: from the social function of art (the role art plays in society) to the reconsideration of the artistic subject, the art object, and the spectator? Make sure you provide context for the approaches you identify by connecting them to specific cultural, intellectual, political, or technological changes. Use relevant key terms and material from the reading assignments and artworks by different artists discussed in the course as evidence to support each argument.

What is a sentence outline and why should you bother taking the time to make one?

A sentence outline is a table with short sentences listed in point-form that helps you to organize the arguments and evidence that you want to present in a piece of writing. Outlines are important because:

1. Creating an outline helps you save time by seeing problems with your paper before you've started writing.

2. An outline speeds up writing the first draft because you don't waste time pausing to remember what it was you wanted to say next.

3. Following an outline keeps you from getting lost or off-track when writing so your composition will be well organized.

4. An outline captures all of your ideas and information so nothing will be lost or forgotten.

Reference no: EM13862000

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