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Question 1: The right to control information about oneself (information privacy) seems to be based in culture. How can culture and information technology affect each other? With the dramatic increase of social networking sites, what cultural dimensions would be most likely, and least likely, to regard the preservation of privacy as a human right?

Question 2: How do cultural influences relate to strategic implementation? Philip Rosenzweig in his article. Why Is Managing in the United States so Difficult for European Firms?" presents some ideas from French managers as to why Americans do not take well to directive from foreign-based headquarters. What are some reasons? Do you agree or disagree?

Question 3: What are the four approaches for staffing for global operations? What are their advantages and disadvantages?

Question 4: What is the global mindset? What are some of the typical actions and attitudes of a leader with a global mindset? Provide some examples.

Your response should be at least 200 words in length for all four questions. You may use only your textbook as source material for your response. All source material must be referenced (Paraphrased and quoted material must have accompanying citations). You may use the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Style Guide) or the CSU Citation Guide for reference.

Reference no: EM13722189

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