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Share a story or a link to an interesting news article that addresses how a particular company or industry is using data to improve its business. Explain why you think this use of data is particularly compelling. If you are not aware of any specific applications and wish to search about an industry of interest to you, be on the lookout for recent articles about "big data". You may instead choose to draw from personal experience if you’ve worked for a company that uses analytics (but please make sure to not disclose confidential or proprietary information).

Reference no: EM132234337

Qualified dividends and long-term capital gains

The Crane family recognized the following types of investment income during 20X6: (1) $1,500 qualified dividends, (2) $3,000 long-term capital gains, and (3) $850 taxable inte

Why have developed economy firms not taken this ibs approach

Unrelated product diversification (conglomeration) is widely discredited in developed economies; however, in some cases it appears to add value in emerging economies. Is thi

Developing local markets requires the building

Developing local markets requires the building the teams who can execute within country and across borders and oceans. When building up a new market, how can the firm leverage

Calculate the average and maximum time in the system

Suppose that a constant setup time of 3 minutes was required once a part entered the drill press but before its service could actually begin. When a setup is going on, regar

How to go from an undesirable to healthy association

What The Advantage is, is an imitation to take action and an outline about how to go from an undesirable to healthy association. It's basic and useful, and it won me over. Thi

Performance improvement suggestions

Location of the group, how many people participated, their roles, the purpose of the meeting, the topics discussed, etc. An analysis of the group dynamics. Apply important con

History of telecommunications-overview of cyber security

A summary of the US regulatory framework that has grown up along with the telecommunications industry. An overview of cyber security. The history of telecommunications

Exemplifies your leadership philosophy

Post your own personal philosophy of change (process) leadership along with a quote (either your own or someone else’s, but please source the quote) that exemplifies your lead


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